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Geschiedenis algemeen
Bij u in huis op: woensdag
Bestel vóór: 23:15

Anna Maria Kiosse

The F***ing History of Swearing

€ 15.00

Swearing is and always has been regarded as undereducated, obscene, rude and profane in society. It has been censored, forbidden and the institutions of power continue to ban it from society and all media. Yet despite your mum`s best efforts, cussing is mainstream. It`s even more than that, it`s an integrated part of our culture. We have used profane language since the beginning of time. The number of times we swear is huge. It happens almost automatically and you would have to almost force yourself if you`d want to stop using them. We don`t plan to use them, you wouldn`t think twice about shouting the word `fuck` if you were to hurt yourself. It happens automatically and that`s the interesting point. So is swearing an instinct then? Where did it actually come from and when did it become such a bad thing? What`s the fucking history of swearing? Where does the hidden power of these words even come from? Why does it make you feel so great? Could we use the power of these words and phrases wisely as a tool in our daily life and appreciate the fact that we have them and their emotional effect on us? Having spent some time on searching and looking for the answers to these questions I encountered a treasure trove of interesting information on this beautifully offensive topic. Anna Maria Kiosse is a one woman show - art director, illustrator, photographer, inventor, collector, storyteller and a storyseller. Currently she is living in Amsterdam and working as a freelance creative. She was born in Greece and grew up in Southern Germany. She went to State Academy of Arts in Stuttgart and finished there with a degree in Art Direction & Graphic Design. Since then she has worked for Studio Orel, Bureau Linientreu, Wieden&Kennedy and for fabulous Kesselskramer in Amsterdam.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
Oktober 2017
405 gram
231 x 171 x 16 mm
BIS Publishers BV
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Bij u in huis op: woensdag
Bestel vóór: 23:15

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