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John P. Doyle,Collected Studies on Francisco Suarez SJ (15481617)
Collected Studies on Francisco Suarez SJ (15481617)
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Although the Jesuit Francisco Suarez (1548-1617) is one of the most important figures of late scholasticism, his work has not received the attention it deserves in English-speaking scholarly literature. One exception to this generalization is found in the work of the American scholar John P. Doyle, whose ground-breaking studies of several important areas of Suarez`s complex but highly original system of thought have helped to make the Jesuit`s ideas accessible to several generations of historians of philosophy. This volume gathers together Doyle`s most important articles on the philosophical theology, metaphysics, ethics, and legal philosophy of Suarez, and is prefaced by an introductory chapter that places the Jesuit`s life and thought in context.

The fruit of over forty years of labor, the volume is a fitting tribute to a scholar whose work serves as a point of entry into the philosophy and theology of Francisco Suarez.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie:
Ancient and Medieval philosophy - Series 1 37
416 pagina's
Maart 2011
930 gram
249 x 168 x 35 mm
EAN: 9789058677372
Leuven University Press

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